Team Manager? Interested in being one?

posted Sep 15, 2013, 5:03 PM by Tracy Jones
What is a team manager?  

Reedsburg Youth Hockey Association

Roles and Responsibilities of the Team Manager/Representative

What is a Team Manager/Rep? The team manager is the person or persons from each team who will work closely with the coaches and coordinate the season. The team manager is key to a successful season of hockey!

One of the most important contributions of the team manager is helping to develop and maintain a positive and supportive environment for families, players, and coaches.

Team Rep. Duties

The Team Manager is responsible for all aspects of running the team that are not associated with the training, coaching, and performance of the skaters which are the duties of the coaches.  Duties include scheduling games/events, assigning game day duties (penalty box, score sheet, time clock), carrying all team documentation, registering for tournaments, etc.

There are six main duties for the Team Manager.

  1. Communication:

  2. Record Keeper/Team Documents:

  3. Scheduler:

  4. Home Game organizer

  5. Tournament Organizer:

  6. Season’s End:

Learn how to delegate responsibilities to other families on the team. It will make your job much easier!  You can’t do it all by yourself! The benefits of including parents you can rely on to get a job done well is two-fold. Not only does it help you, it also makes others become responsible. This in turn makes them feel more a part of the team. Parents who feel a part of the team will find it more difficult to criticize and usually are more positive.  Remember that team effort is also off the ice and with parents too.