President's Announcments

April 2013

posted Apr 9, 2013, 3:55 PM by Tracy Jones


APRIL 2013

The hockey board met on April 4, at Brewster’s.


The annual league meeting will be held at the Ground Round, in Tomah, on April
10. Jim Brown will be this year’s recipient for the President’s Award. This award
is given to an individual to recognize their effort and dedication to the hockey


A laptop for the finance committee was purchased from Ironsides for a cost of


We received a check from Koenecke Ford for the Drive for Your Community event.
The amount we received was $4,700! A big thank you to Koenecke Ford, Joe
Kozol, and all the Polar parents who helped to organize this fantastic fundraiser.

The parks and recreation committee will be meeting on April 16 to choose the
organizations that will have the Game Day concessions.


Most of the equipment and uniforms has been collected. Uniforms are still
needed from some of the Squirts and Bantams. An estimate for 20 sets of new
jerseys is approximately $1,100. Various estimates for many projects are being
gotten at this time in order to prioritize projects and to determine a budget for
next year.


Erlene Ostrander has agreed to be the person in charge of ordering supplies for
the concession. Thank you, Erlene, for volunteering for this position.


Teardown at the rink went very well. A huge thank you to Andy, Jim, and the
crew of volunteers who made this possible. The defibulator at the rink will have
the battery and pads replaced by next season. We are looking into the possibility
of having an electronic sign, to replace the current sign board. We may be able to
share the sign expense with the city and the Jaycees.

Lenny Mayer does not think that the furnace needs to be replaced at this time,
but it will need some repair.


The WAHA annual meeting will be held May 18, in Stevens Point. Any association
members may attend this meeting.

Reminder that our annual meeting is April 12, 6:30, at the VFW. Please bring your
suggestions and questions.


A motion hearing was held on March 20. Both motions by the District Attorney
were accepted and both motions by the defense attorney were denied. The trial
is still scheduled for August, unless a settlement/agreement is reached first.


This was Sandi’s last meeting, as she is not running for re-election. Sandi has
been the board secretary for several years. We sincerely thank you, Sandi, for all
the work, time, and dedication you have given to our hockey association.

March 2013

posted Apr 9, 2013, 3:53 PM by Tracy Jones

The hockey board met on March 7, at the Brewster’s.

Payment was received from RAHS for the ice rental for RWD. They were not
charged for ice that was used for captains’ practices or end of the season
practices. A concern was brought to the board on behalf of the RWD parents.
The concern is that the registration fees for the high school players may
drastically increase next year. We will be discussing rental fees with the athletic
director, after we have completed the season. The Badger Thunder will be billed
for their ice rental time.

The bill for playdown expenses was received. The cost of ice rental and refs
for the Peewee and Bantam games was $700 and $480 for the Squirts. These
expenses will be split with our co-op partners.

The last session of open skating will be March 17. There will be no charge for the
last skate, if skaters sign the attendance sheet for Partners for Wellness.

The annual meeting for the WMHL will be held April 10, possibly in Tomah.
Deadline for scoresheets is March 12.

We will be receiving our check from Koenecke Ford on March 18, at RAHS.

A request was made to purchase laptops for the finance committee and for
registration. A suggestion was made to check and Ironside for used
laptops. Tracy and Katie will look into the cost and purchase. The current
computer will still be used at the rink.

We will be renting the ice to Ultimate, March 15-17. There are 21 games
scheduled, which makes this a good fundraiser.

The coaches had an end of the season meeting on March 6. An evaluation of
the coaches will be emailed out to the parents. This information is important in
helping us to improve our programs. There was a discussion about next year’s
Mite and Squirt teams and the projected number of players.

Rink teardown will take place on March 18 and 19. Andy Rynearson will be
organizing the teardown. A marking system for the mats is needed. There is the
possibility that the furnace by the locker rooms may need to be replaced.

The Sauk County Mite Fun Day was held the end of February. It was a great
event, enjoyed by both players and parents. Thank you to the Mite parents and
coaches for making it so successful.

The Squirt tournament brought in $6,586. The expenses were $1,700. The
tournament was very well run and very profitable. Thank you to Katie Pfaff and
all of the Squirt parents for your work in making this a great event.

The by-laws were reviewed and revised. The changes were approved by the
board. The position of treasurer was eliminated and replaced with a finance
committee; the committee will consist of four people, with at least one person
being a board member. Board members will be limited to two consecutive
terms of three years each. Board members can be replaced if they have a lack of
attendance at board meetings. The new by-laws will be posted on the website.

The annual meeting for parents will be held on April 12, at the VFW. The
meeting will begin at 6:30 and food will be provided. There are five board
positions open for election; positions currently held by Jason Pickel, Sandi Sakry,
Andy Rynearson, and Karen Patton. Randy Brandt had resigned his position
earlier. Nominations for these positions will be made at the meeting. If you
are interested in running for the board, please attend this meeting. A variety of
reports will be given by committee chairs, and we are looking for input from the
membership on many different areas. Working together is how we will continue
to improve and make our association stronger.

The trial has been postponed until August, due to the number of motions that
were filed by the defense lawyer. There will be another motion hearing on March

Feb. 2013

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Reedsburg Hockey Newsletter


The hockey board met on February 7, at RACA.


League scoresheets are being collected and should be turned into Andy
Rynearson. There are enough Squirts to have three teams in the WMHL Festival,
to be held the end of February.


Kristi Brown has applied for a weekend of concessions at the Game Day
tournaments. She is willing to do the organizing and ordering, but will need
someone to help with the supervising the concession, during the weekend. The
parks and recreation committee will be deciding which organizations will be
running the concessions. Thank you, Kristi for organizing this fundraiser.


Playdowns were completed last weekend. We will have four teams competing
in the state tournaments: U12 Girls, Squirt A, Peewee A, and Peewee B. The
state tournament fee is $650 per team. Expenses will be shared with our co-op


The association received a donation from True Value. This donation consists of
a variety of hockey equipment and supplies. Thank you to True Value for this


There have been a few people who have not shown up for concession shifts.
A suggestion was made to buy more items in bulk and to check prices with

various vendors, to increase concession profits. Teri Senzig will be retiring as the
concession manager. Thank you, Teri, for all the time and work that you have
given to running the concession for the last several years.


A request to purchase ice cleats for the rink crew, locker room vent covers, and
hand sanitizers for the rink was made. Erik will purchase the cleats and vent
covers. Katie is looking into obtaining hand sanitizers. We also discussed the
possibility of purchasing new flooring for the locker rooms; the old mats would
then be used in front of the bleachers. RUCLS will not be able to intstall WiFi this
season, but will have it completed by next season.


We will be renting ice to Ultimate, March 15-17. Reedsburg will be the main rink
for this tournament. After the tournament, the rink will be closed and tear down
will start.


The annual meeting will be held the first or second week of April, depending on
availability. Suggestions on how to increase participation were discussed. It was
decided to have the meeting at the VFW and to provide pork sandwiches and
other food.


The Squirts will be hosting a tournament, February 8-10. Katie Pfaff is the
tournament director. Thank you to Katie and all the Squirt parents who have
been working to make this tournament fun and profitable.

Our Mites will be hosting the Sauk County Mite Fun Day, at the end of this month.
Jennifer Baldwin is in charge of this event. Thank you, Jennifer, for organizing this


There will be a motion hearing on February 15. The former treasurer has filed for
bankruptcy. Reedsburg Youth Hockey has been named as a creditor. To protect
our claim for restitution, it was decided to hire a lawyer to protect our interest
and to represent the association.

November 2012

posted Nov 12, 2012, 6:30 PM by Deb Rosholt   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 5:01 AM by Tracy Jones ]

The hockey board met on November 1, at Brewster's.
Scheduling was completed for our league games.  Thank you Dave Horzewski and Andy Rynearson for representing us at the scheduling meeting.  The Mites will be hosting a WMHL Mite jamboree the first weekend in February. Winona and Onalaska are in the league again.
RWD has requested to extend their practice time to 5:30 for the first two weeks of the season.  They have also asked to have all their practices at RACA this year.  Originally, they would have practiced in Reedsburg until Christmas and then moved their practices to the Dells for the second half of the season.  Both requests were approved.  Each youth team will be invited to a high school game to be introduced.
The Badger Thunder will be practicing at RACA on Thursday nights; they have also scheduled games in Reedsburg.
The pizza fundraiser was hugelytsuccessful. Almost 2,700 pizzas were made in one day!  There are a few bills yet to come in so we don't have the final profit amount yet.  We have been receiving additional orders, so there may be a mini pizza making session to fill orders and make more pizzas for the concession.  A big thank you to the pizza committee for all the work that was done to organize this fundraiser: Erik and Tami Knull, Bretta Oakes, Billy Rynearson, Kim Schulenburg, and consultant Chris Christensen.
The fundraiser that Koenecke Ford is organizing for us will be held on November 10.  We will receive $20 from the Ford Motor Company for each test drive.  Koenecke  Ford will match what we sell in concessions, up to $1000.  This is a terrific, easy way to earn money for our programs.
Squirt and goalie tryouts will be held November 6, at RACA.  On November 8, Peewee tryouts will be held in the Dells.  There will be three judges for each tryout.  The judges will be impartial, and skaters will only be identified by jersey number. Rosters will be posted on the website.
There was a request from the girls' teams to change their practice time to a different day.  There were conflicts with travel and church obligations.  There were some adjustments made to the practice schedule:  Mites will practice on Monday and Wednesday at 5:30, Squirts will practice Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30, and the U12 and U14 co-op will practice on Thursdays at 6:30. 
We have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is we have a lot of players attending powerskating; the bad news is that in the Peewee, Bantam, U12, U14 session there are too many kids on the ice, at one time.  We are looking to break the group into two smaller groups, but will need to find an additional instructor.  We hope to have this problem resolved soon. On Mondays we will also be using the all purpose room as a locker room.
The Try Hockey for Free Day will be November 3.  Halloween cards, supplied by USA Hockey, were handed out at the preschool Halloween parade and at the schools.  Thank you, Katie Pfaff, for organizing this event and thank you to the many people who have volunteered to help on Saturday.
Kurt Lentz, from Lentz-Andres Insurance, came to the meeting to review our current policies.  We will be doing an inventory of our equipment, etc. and may make changes to our coverage.
Pictures will be taken, by MPS, on Monday, November 19.  Sandi Sakry will be organizing the schedule for each team's session.
All coaches, assistant coaches, team reps, managers, and board members are required to have a background check.  These checks must be done before November 15.  Information for the background checks is on the WAHA website.
Every 3 or 4 weeks, a team will be assigned to clean the rink.  This basically includes: washing windows, washing walls, dusting, etc. The Mites will be the first cleaning crew; their cleaning day is November 5.
Two meetings were held in October to train parents and skaters about concussions.  This is a requirement for the state's concussions law. The form must be signed by a parent and then entered into the team book.  Thank you, Tracy Jones, for organizing and leading these meetings.
Parent meetings will be held on November 12 and13.  These meetings will be held at RACA, near that teams practice time.  The Bantam parent meeting is November 1.  Please plan on attending. It is a great time to ask questions and receive information.
Jeff Downing will be sharpening skates at RACA.  He is located in the all purpose room.  There is usually a schedule of his hours posted on the door.


posted Oct 28, 2012, 3:55 PM by Tracy Jones

The season has started.

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