posted Oct 24, 2012, 12:23 PM by Tracy Jones
We would like to say thank you some much to all that have visited our new website, made phone calls, contacted us by mail or through the WISC TV Link.
This past offseason is one that we as an association would like to put behind us. We have some very special kids that we as parents, grandparents, family members and as a local community that we support in this association and I am proud of the response we have seen so far. 
As an association we are going to stay positive and focus on the future of all our children playing hockey and what the sport does and brings to our community. 
If you are interested in supporting Reedsburg Youth Hockey please contact me Katie Pfaff at: I having been working diligently to organize and arrange all the support that has came our way to benefit the kids, our rink, association and our community. Listed below are some of the ways we have been taking in donations and inquiries.