Concession Policy

Reedsburg Youth Hockey Association


All families in the RYHA are required to work up to 3 shifts in our concession stand.  The concession stand is a critical part of our fundraising efforts for the club.  There are no buyout options for these 3 shifts.


SCHEDULE –Once the ice and game schedules are set, a small committee creates a schedule for the season.  Each family is SCHEDULED for up to 3 shifts.  It is YOUR responsibility to check the schedule on the SignupGenius website and work your scheduled shifts.  Game cancellations and additions require us to sometimes cancel or add shifts to the schedule. We appreciate your cooperation when this happens.

SIGN IN- Always sign in at the beginning of your shift so we know that you were here.  Fill out all the information listed on the sign in sheet.

TRADING SHIFTS – If you are unable to work your scheduled shift you may trade with another family.  Please let us know if you have made arrangements to trade your shift.  You can email Lynn Severson at or Amber Kaminsky at

HIRING SUBS – If you are unable to work your scheduled shift or trade with another family you can “hire” a sub from the approved Sub list.  If you hire a sub you must pay RYHA $20.00 prior to the shift.  Place a check, made out to RYHA, in an envelope and indicate who the sub is that you hired as well as the date and time of the shift.  Submit your payment to the concession stand. Let us know about the Sub you hired via email to

SUBS – If you were hired as a sub you also need to sign in on the sheet.  You will be paid via check by RYHA, please do NOT take sub money from the families that contacted you.  They must pay the club and we will pay you.

FINES FOR NO SHOWS- The fine for missing a shift is $50.00.  you will be informed of the fine by a board member or concession staff member.  You have 1 week from the time you are notified to pay the fine.  After that date your skater will not be allowed on the ice during practice or games until the fine is paid in full.  If it is the end of the season and your fine goes unpaid, it will be added to your registration fees the following season.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!!